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WOW what attention to the customer/end user!!

After reading the specs and other documentation about the Hiblow HP-40 I was definitely happy it was being used on my septic system instead of other manufacturer units. However I had questions and sent Hiblow an email and was completely blown away at how fast Mike responded and how much detail they provided!! I am a technical and detail oriented person and was so surprised at how much information they offer on their product. That obviously is a sign of their confidence in what they manufacture and sell.

EJS Royse City, Texas HP-40 aerator unit

Back up and running in no time

Technical support and customer service was top notch when my unit had stopped working. It had ran seamlessly for 2 years and then after I had my tank cleaned, it had stopped working. After calling to ask what the possibility could have been, I found out that the back pressure with the unit probably caused my issue due to the tank having less black water in the tank, causing the pump to work extra hard wearing the diaphragm out. I ordered the rebuild kit and installed. Once I had it rebuilt and reset the safety switch, it is back running like the day I bought it. The guys from support both helped me troubleshoot the unit and made purchasing the rebuild kit very easy. I give these fine folks a A++ in what a company and product should be.

JP Illinois Hp80

Great customer help

Great product and great customer support. Thank you!

Lap Tulsa, OK HIBLOW HP-80-0117

Super Customer Service

Great customer service by phone or email. Extremely helpful and responsive replies.

Gary W Cobden, Illinois Hiblow 100

Excellent Advice and Assistance

I've been rehabilitating my pond with aeration via a HiBlow XP80, 100' of PVC, 60' of weighted airline and a diffuser. I needed to know if I could step down from the 3/4" PVC to 5/8" weighted airline the final 60' to save some $$$. Mike was very helpful, he provided me my estimated friction loss, PSI, and final CFM or L/min letting me know that my setup would work fine for my pond application. His responses were prompt and easy to understand. Mike saved me a lot of confusion on my part. Thanks Mike

Craig H. Oklahoma City 5/8" weighted airline

Great service.

Wow. A company with actual, intelligent customer service is almost unheard of today but you have it. Many thanks to Mike and Kyle for the helpful advice on pond aeration!


Mark Central Ohio HP-80

You guys were great and the HP-80 is already kicking butt

Thanks very much for setting me up on my pond aeration project. You guys were great and the HP-80 is already kicking butt. I hadn’t measured the distance when I talked to Mike but had when I talked to the distributor. Ended up at about 425’ total including the weighted section, and it’s pushing lots of air, already making a dramatic difference in my pond.

Thanks again, I really appreciate it and I’d gladly recommend you guys and that beast of an air pump etc. to anyone facing a similar situation including the distance.

Joe B.

Bad Solenoid

I’m am writing this email in hopes that it reaches the highest level of management at HIBLOW USA. I want to thank both MIKE and KYLE for their professionalism, outstanding customer service and knowledgeable technical support. HIBLOW USA is fortunate to have these team members representing their company.


Zach Long

Zach Long Fort Worth, Texas AKH50 - DUAL PORT

Best service and product

Great product and as the ad says long lasting! Just worked with MIke at HIBLOW and he was fantastic and his customer service was outstanding. In todays fast pace he took the time to help me with all my questions and he is an asset to the company. Would highly recommend both him and their products.


Randy Duvall WA. HP 80 Septic aeration compressor

Thirteen Years of Daily Performance

I have used HiBlow septic aerators for more than thirteen years. They have never failed , running 24/7 for all that time. I just got a new one, as the current one is now 3 years old and needed new diaphragms for best performance. I've also had a couple of contacts with HB online help and never had a problem with the responses. Thank you for making such a great product line. I do recommend the units with alarms attached as that is a great safety feature.

JB Garden Ridge, TX HiBlow 80 (Septic)

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