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Excellent air pump and customer service!!

My HP-100LL has been running 24/7/365 for three years with absolutely no problems!! Prior to installing it, my farm pond would develop a large amount of algae by midsummer. I did some research and discovered the best way to get rid of the algae was to aerate the water. I discovered HIBLOW by watching other people on YouTube constructing similar DIY projects. Three years later, my pond is looking great and I couldn't be happier with my with HP-100LL air pump. The only maintenance that I've done on it is to change the air filter. Recently, after three years of non-stop running, I thought I should replace the diaphragms as preventive maintenance. I contacted HIBLOW and Mike quickly give me the part number for the kit that I would need. He also found me a nearby dealer that offers free shipping. Afterwards, he informed me that it's not unusual for the diaphragms to last up to 5 years, sometimes more. He suggested that I replace them after they fail. He told me that no harm would come to the pump once the diaphragms failed, because of a built-in safety switch. Thank you for the great advice!

To anyone looking for a great air pump for your farm pond, I highly recommend HIBLOW's long life (LL) air pumps!

Here's the video that got me started three years ago:


Lastly, I would like to thank St. Isidore's Farm for taking the time to make a video on DIY pond aeration. You've saved me a lot of money! Thank you.

R.S. New York HP-100LL

Exceptional quality products, customer service, and support – second to none.

In 16 years, we haven’t had a single issue with the Hiblow line of linear air pumps. We’ve sent them with our (Pirana and Septic Gene) technology to 14 countries and never had a single complaint from our installers and distributors from Africa to the Caribbean to the South Pacific to above the Arctic Circle in Canada. In my opinion they are the best company I’ve worked with in my 55 years as a contractor and owner of a small family business. You can’t find a better group to work with.

Jerry and Justin Fife, Pirana Systems Sonoma County, CA HP and XP Series

Great aerator

Great aerator!

WD Repairs & Services La Vernia, TX HP-80

Very reliable pumps that are easy to service.

Very reliable pumps that are easy to service. Only thing we would change is to go back to the shear-pin switch.

Johnson Aerobic Septic Services Dale, TX HP-80

No warranties in 5 years!

We install 250 systems a year. No warranties in 5 years.

Ray, Melro Concrete Products Conroe, TX HP-80

Great product.

Quiet. Always available.

AerobiTech San Marcos, TX HP-80

Best on the market.

Right now — best one on the market.

J.C. Wager College Station, TX HP-80

The pump is quiet, easy to maintain, and energy efficient.

I bought the HP 80 pump for my farm pond. I've had it for about 6 months and it works great! The pump is quiet, easy to maintain, and energy efficient. I had questions about the depth that I could put my diffusers so I contacted Hiblow and Mike responded quickly. Mike was able to answer all my questions in a way I could understand and gave me even more helpful hints that came in handy. Thanks a lot Mike! GREAT JOB!!

Audrey Florida HP-80

We are very happy with the products!

Excellent company!  Always fast shipping with a very helpful and friendly staff.  We are very happy with the products we use from Hiblow!

The Elite Dock Bubbler, Owner Waterfront Innovations LLC Lake George, NY HIBLOW Punps

One of the best products I have purchased in a long time.

Four year update: Our unit is still going strong on the original diaphragm running 24/7 from the day we installed it (7/27/16). Incredible. Thank you for making what has been one of the best products I have purchased in a very long time.

N.C. HP-100LL St. Isidore’s Farm

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