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You have been invaluable!

As per your suggestion, I purchased 4 medium pore diffusers and raised them to a depth of 5’ 8" by building a platform out of 1 ½” PVC piping. This elevated height caused the pressure to drop to 3.5 psi and it caused the boil to be more robust.  Along with the pressure gauge you suggested, I also added a fan below the Hiblow compressor. The fan is controlled by a thermostat switch that is attached to the outgoing tubing that is a radiator hose the 1st 30”. The switch turns the fan on when the hose is 100 degrees and turns the fan off when the hose cools to 85 degrees.  I think I now have the best setup for my situation. Thanks for your help on this matter - you have been invaluable!

Jerry HP-80 California

We have been very pleased with the quality of HIBLOW’s products and service.

We are a wholesale customer, who purchases Hiblow Air Pumps for resale. We receive our orders in record time and in the best condition of any supplier we have. We have been very pleased with the quality of HIBLOW’s products and service.

P.A. Pennsylvania Various Products

Super quiet.

It’s up and running. Super quiet. Love that. Bubbles in the pond so that’s good.

Jeff North Carolina HP-80

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