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Happy Farm in Arizona

We have two farm ponds, and both were seemingly overrun with algae, and we had no idea how to fix it. Well the folks at Hiblow came up with the perfect solution. They sized the pumps for us. Then gave us the expert guidance on the installation.

We are happy to report that after just a few weeks, the pond algae is about 90% cleared up.

The pumps are quiet, and were easy to install, and their staff members were available with helpful advice and encouragement every step of the way.

All in, a very happy outcome, to, what seemed to be an intractable problem!

ShaRu White Tumacacori, AZ, USA HP 60 & HP 80

Exceptional Customer Service

I had questions regarding replacement parts for my Hiblow HP-60 pump, or a replacement pump. I received very prompt attention and I got all of the information that I needed. I love this Hiblow pump has it has been very reliable, and I greatly appreciate the attention to the customer that is offered here. Thanks for all the help!

Karl Idaho Hiblow HP-60 pump

Real customer service!

Many thanks to Mike for understanding the problem I had with the safety switch mechanism (not just the diaphragms & screw, but the complete mechanism for the safety switch), and helping me to locate the necessary part.

Tom H. Kilgore, Texas HP-60 Air Pump

No more Alita pumps or Danners for me

Called y'all today. Very friendly and helpful gentleman answered my question. Pond aerator is connected and giving great "bubbles".
No more Alita pumps or Danners for me.
thank you!

Absolutely Top Notch Cistomer Service

These guys are great! Best technical support in customer service I think I have ever received from any product or company. Highly recommended I will definitely buy their products again. Thanks Mike for your help and support. Would give you all six stars if I could!
Ken in Oklahoma

Kenneth Gist Oklahoma HP 80

Aerator Skimmer Programming Instructions

My experience with HiBlow septic aerator pumps has proven their durability and ease of rebuild in the field. The customer service department (kudos to Mike) is extremely helpful and fast to respond to questions and parts support. I won't buy any other pump!

SM in Dallas TX Dallas, TX HiBlow 80 Duo

Excellent customer service

Had an issue with an aerator rebuild kit. Spoke with Kyle, who could not have been more accommodating. He was knowledgeable, professional, and had excellent follow through. I was 100% satisfied with the resolution to my problem and felt Kyle went above and beyond to meet my expectations. Outstanding customer service!!

Karen Dekel Seabrook, SC Aerator rebuild kit

None Better

13 year old unit on 24/7 never rebuilt. Alarm just now.
Simply unbelievable product and quality.

Keith NH HP-80-010A

Toughest pump made

I have had my Hiblow 120LL for about a year, running 24/7. my pump fell in the pond (for a week, I was gone) and after one day, I plugged it in and it still works!! Unreal product.  Crazy that thing just fired back up.  I could not believe it.  Toughest pump made.

Dave Texas

Your products are amazing!

Have bought two aerators in the past and the first one is still working. It's has been working for the last 5 years. Thank you again, will continue to buy HIBLOW.

Michael Florida

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