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Great customer service

Hiblow located a local supplier for the parts I needed and I was up and running within an hour.

JudyL Yates TX HP80

Excellent service

Excellent service! I needed a replacement for the small brass barbed air hose fitting for the pressure alarm on my Hiblow air pump and got a very prompt response from Mike and a solution to my problem. Thanks!!

KDK FL HiBlow Air Pump

Wow! Unbelievable amount of bubbles. Within 24 hours had a 20 foot radius of clear water. Couple days later I could nearly see the diffuser.

We have an old pond behind our house that was dug in 1987. No maintenance was ever performed on it and every summer it turns into a mess. Decided to do something about it. Found the St. Isidore Farm videos on YouTube and decided the HiBlow pump was the way to go. Called HiBlow a couple times and got great advice from James. I don't have electric by the pond and he said it would work just fine keeping the pump up by the house and running a long air line. We discussed pump sizes and my best options for the air line. Based on the 120 foot distance to the pond, and a pond depth of around 8 feet, James recommended an HP120LL and provided the names of distributors. To keep back pressure to a minimum he recommended a 1" ID main air line. I ordered the pump and a diffuser and some 1/2" ID weighted airline. I built the 120 foot main airline by gluing together 10 foot sections of 1" ID electrical PVC. I put a barbed fitting on the PVC and to eliminate stress on the pump fitting connected the PVC to the pump with a couple feet of 5/8" ID vinyl tubing. Used another barbed fitting to connect the other end of the PVC to the weighted air line. Connected the weighted air line to the diffuser and sunk it in the middle of the pond. Then I plugged it in. Wow! Unbelievable amount of bubbles. Within 24 hours had a 20 foot radius of clear water. Couple days later I could nearly see the diffuser. The pump is very quiet. Just a low hum. And it is barely warm to the touch. Can't wait to see what happens over time. Highly recommend HiBlow for their advice and great product. Thank you James for all of your help!

Rick W. Michigan HP120LL

Needed advice on rehabbing pond, got much more!

Thank you Mike for your most excellent customer service and for your distributor recommendations. I wasn’t sure what I needed but am thrilled with my HP-60 aeration pump, diffuser, and sinking air line. Perfect!

Robert Boatright Cascade, Idaho HP-60

Great Customer Service

I just wanted to thank both Kyle and Mike for their outstanding customer service. They were able to answer all my technical questions regarding pond aeration, which HP Series pumps that would meet our needs and even what peripheral equipment would function best with the pump. I'll be installing an HP 200 next month and will look forward to sharing the results of their recommendations.

Thanks Guys!

Merritt Indiana HP 200

Incredibly responsive in helping me get my pond aeration going

I had seen the information provided online by St. Isadore's Farm and decided to give one of these pumps a try, but I had no idea of the mechanics of the set up. I sent a note asking if they did direct sales and ended up, the next day, with a full explanation about pump capacities, a discussion about the distance from my barn to the pond (150 feet) with suggested hose diameter, types, aerator depth ranges, etc., as well as the name of the distributor with the lowest current pump prices for the one I was most interested in. My follow up questions were answered just as quickly. This level of customer service is rare today and should be applauded.

Flanders Field Lott (Westphalia), Texas customer support

Excellent air pump and customer service!!

My HP-100LL has been running 24/7/365 for three years with absolutely no problems!! Prior to installing it, my farm pond would develop a large amount of algae by midsummer. I did some research and discovered the best way to get rid of the algae was to aerate the water. I discovered HIBLOW by watching other people on YouTube constructing similar DIY projects. Three years later, my pond is looking great and I couldn't be happier with my with HP-100LL air pump. The only maintenance that I've done on it is to change the air filter. Recently, after three years of non-stop running, I thought I should replace the diaphragms as preventive maintenance. I contacted HIBLOW and Mike quickly give me the part number for the kit that I would need. He also found me a nearby dealer that offers free shipping. Afterwards, he informed me that it's not unusual for the diaphragms to last up to 5 years, sometimes more. He suggested that I replace them after they fail. He told me that no harm would come to the pump once the diaphragms failed, because of a built-in safety switch. Thank you for the great advice!

To anyone looking for a great air pump for your farm pond, I highly recommend HIBLOW's long life (LL) air pumps!

Here's the video that got me started three years ago:


Lastly, I would like to thank St. Isidore's Farm for taking the time to make a video on DIY pond aeration. You've saved me a lot of money! Thank you.

R.S. New York HP-100LL

Exceptional quality products, customer service, and support – second to none.

In 16 years, we haven’t had a single issue with the Hiblow line of linear air pumps. We’ve sent them with our (Pirana and Septic Gene) technology to 14 countries and never had a single complaint from our installers and distributors from Africa to the Caribbean to the South Pacific to above the Arctic Circle in Canada. In my opinion they are the best company I’ve worked with in my 55 years as a contractor and owner of a small family business. You can’t find a better group to work with.

Jerry and Justin Fife, Pirana Systems Sonoma County, CA HP and XP Series

Great aerator

Great aerator!

WD Repairs & Services La Vernia, TX HP-80

Very reliable pumps that are easy to service.

Very reliable pumps that are easy to service. Only thing we would change is to go back to the shear-pin switch.

Johnson Aerobic Septic Services Dale, TX HP-80

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