My HIBLOW HP series pump is brand new, but won’t turn on when plugged in?

Your HP series air pump was likely jostled during shipping and the safety slide switch has moved to the inoperable position which deactivates the electric motor. Refer to the owner’s manual for instructions on how to reset the safety slide switch. An electronic copy of the owner’s manual can be found on the Support tab of our website.

Which HIBLOW air pump do I need for my septic system?

Please contact the manufacturer of your treatment system to ensure the correct sizing of the air pump for your specific unit. A professional service provider may also be able to determine the HIBLOW pump model you need.

Where can I purchase repair kits for my air pump?

We have numerous distributors across North America that can supply you with both pumps and repair parts. Please email or call for your closest or most convenient option.

What repair kit do I need for my HP series air pump?
60/80 80PC000042P
30/40 40PC000031P
100/120 120PC20012P
150/200 200PC20012P
100LL/120LL 120PC20022
I just installed a repair kit on my HP series pump and the diaphragm ruptured within two weeks?

Most likely the nut attaching the diaphragm to the rod was either not installed, or not tightened snug enough.

Will my pump work with 50hz or 60hz AC power, and is it dual voltage?

Yes, all HIBLOW pumps can operate on either 50hz or 60hz. Please note that the performance will be different depending on the frequency applied, so refer to the performance curves for information on each. HIBLOW linear pumps are not dual voltage, so please check the data label on the pump and only apply the correct voltage as a power source.

Will my HIBLOW pump run on a DC power source?

No, the operating principle of our linear pumps utilize Alternating Current (AC) to shuttle the rod back and forth, and thus create pressure or vacuum. An inverter would be needed in order to use a HIBLOW linear pump in a system powered by DC.

My original air pump lasted twice as long as the replacement unit?

Make sure to check the diffusers in your pond or wastewater system to make sure they are not excessively clogged. The additional backpressure of clogged diffusers may be exceeding the design pressure for the pump model you are using.

Where should I install my HIBLOW pump for the best performance and life?

A cool and dry location out of the sun is ideal. In a garage, shed, or crawlspace are all good options. If it must be installed outside, it is best to ensure that the pump gets good ventilation and is not in direct sunlight. Overall, you want to keep any additional heat to a minimum and you will have a happy pump with a long life.

Is it ok to cycle my pump on and off?

That depends on the application. For wastewater applications, always contact your treatment system manufacturer before altering any aeration settings.

I just installed a repair kit and the diaphragms ruptured very quickly

Did you buy a knock off repair kit? Knock off kits are common on Amazon and eBay. They are made from inferior materials and do not fit to specification. In addition to failing quickly, they can be noisy, and will often destroy the inside of the pump.

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