March 31, 2022

Which HIBLOW Pond Aerator Model Should I Buy?

Choosing the best HIBLOW pond aerator model

HIBLOW manufactures 3 air pump models for pond applications: HP, XP, and WG Series.  All 3 models are made to the high quality HIBLOW brand standard yet have some differences.  Water depth, the energy source, size requirement, air volume, noise level, and budget may all be considerations when choosing the best model for your pond.

HP Series – best for deeper ponds up to 10’

The HP Series has been around for a few decades and is the most reliable and longest-lasting pond aerator on the market.  Larger than the XP and WG, the series uses more electricity, but is very quiet and robust – able to handle up to 10’ in water depth.  The HP Series has the widest range of pump sizes aerating ponds from 7K gallons up to 2 acres.  Since it is outdoor UL rated, it can be left out in the elements, however we do suggest covering the pump for longest service life.

XP Series – best for energy savings/ solar applications

HIBLOW engineered the smaller XP-Series utilizing a high-powered rare-earth magnet for the shuttle rod – which the diaphragms attach to.  The design requires less copper for the electromagnets and therefore runs on less electricity than the HP Series.  The series is an excellent choice for those seeking energy savings or for solar applications when wattage is a major factor.  The XP Series operates at about the same sound level as the HP Series and is outdoor UL rated.  It has 3 pumps sizes aerating ponds from 16K gallons up to 1/2 acre.  HIBLOW recommends using the XP for shallow ponds up to 6-8’ in depth.

WG Series – best for the budget

The Water Garden Series was developed specifically for pond applications.  To keep the cost down, the WG Series is molded with a plastic outer housing and therefore should be placed under a cover.  It is louder than the aluminum housed XP and HP Series yet still operates at a dB level far less than an indoor conversation.  The WG Series is more energy efficient than the HP Series.  Like the XP Series, it has 3 pumps sizes aerating ponds from 16K gallons up to ½ acre.   HIBLOW recommends using the WG for shallow ponds up to 6-8’ in depth.

Need help with pump sizing?  Check out the following link:

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March 31, 2022

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