April 12, 2021

What Size Air Pump Should I use To Aerate My Pond?

Choosing the best air pump for your pond

****Updated pump sizing article****

             Published May of 2024



Effectively aerating a pond will help prevent algae growth, reduce muck and decaying organic matter, and provide a healthy environment for fish to thrive.  While there are other conditions to consider, the depth and size of the pond are the two main factors in choosing the right air pump.

The pond depth will directly impact the amount of air that is diffused in the water.  Depth creates back pressure on the air pump—the more back pressure, the less oxygen is diffused into the pond.  Click the following link for more details on what causes pressure in an aeration system, and ideas to limit the pressure and maximize aeration.


Below are general recommendations for choosing a pump based off the size and depth of a pond.

* for any depths greater than 6’, you may want to consider bumping up to the next size to offset the loss of air from the increase in pressure 

*If breeding specific types of fish, we would recommend consulting with an aquatic specialist before selecting a pump as certain breeds require different levels of oxygen

*If you have an odd or kidney shaped pond, it may be advisable to contact a pond distributer for guidance as you may need multiple diffusers to properly mix and aerate the whole pond

*As mentioned in the link above, diffuser type and pipe size may also impact the size of the pump needed



Pond Size HIBLOW Model Max Depth Applications
Up to 7,000 gallons HP-20 6′ koi ponds, small backyard ponds, aquaponics, hydroponics
Up to 16,000 gallons WG-2 6-8′ koi ponds, small backyard ponds, aquaponics, hydroponics
XP-40 6-8′
HP-40 10′
Up to 1/4 acre WG-3 6-8′ Ponds, hydroponics, aquaponics, aquaculture
XP-60 6-8′
HP-60 10′
Up to 1/2 acre WG-4 6-8′ Ponds, hydroponics, aquaponics, aquaculture
XP-80 6-8′
HP-80 10′
Up to 3/4 acre HP-100LL 10′ Ponds, aquaculture
Up to 1 acre HP-120LL 10′ Ponds, aquaculture
Up to 1.5 acres HP-150 10′ Ponds, aquaculture
Up to 2 acres HP-200 10′ Ponds, aquaculture

For further consultation or to find a distributor in your area, please give us a call at 734-944-5032, or send us an email at info@hiblow-usa.com

April 12, 2021

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3 thoughts on “What Size Air Pump Should I use To Aerate My Pond?

    1. I’d probably recommend either the HP-100LL or HP-120LL at 9′ depth. Depends on how many diffusers you have. If you have 2 then the HP-100LL should be fine. If you have 3, then I’d go with the HP-120LL.

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