March 31, 2023

Pond Aeration Spring Start-up

Steps to get your pond aeration system up and running in the spring.

Pond Aerator Spring Start-Up Steps:


  1. HIBLOW Linear Air Pump Maintenance
    Clean or replace the air filter. HIBLOW suggests cleaning the filter every 6 months and replacing it once a year.  Wipe off excess dirt and dust in the housing around the filter.
    Check the filter gasket and base gasket. In hot climates or after years of use, the gaskets can become brittle and allow for air to escape reducing air flow into the pond. Gaskets are available for purchase.
  2. Check each of the diffusers to make sure they haven’t clogged.
    Clean or replace them as needed. Clogged diffusers can add excess backpressure which reduces air flow and can decrease the life of the diaphragms. For more information on choosing a diffuser that will not clog, check out the following article:
  3. Make sure the weighted line is not clogged with ice.
    Most diffusers have a check valve, but water can find its way into the tubing. If you were to start the aerator with water and ice in the tubing, it will put excess back-pressure on the pump which can cause reduced diaphragm life. Pour 1 cup of isopropyl alcohol down each line. Turn the aerator on to blow out any ice particles.
  4.  If you have multiple diffusers, adjust the ball valves to make sure the flow is even.
    For best results and aerator life, buy a 1-10 PSI pressure gauge to make sure the system pressure falls within the pumps operating range.
  5. Place the aerator underneath an enclosure that keeps it out of the sun yet allows the pump to breathe.
    Avoid fake rocks or enclosures with little or no ventilation. Heat is the enemy of the diaphragms! The cooler the environment around the aerator, the longer the diaphragms will last.
  6. Ramp up your system: many professionals believe you should work your way up to 24 hours a day over a week’s time.
    Sudden turnover can spread anoxic water from the bottom throughout the pond leading to fish kill and depletion of oxygen. Others argue that the pond turns over naturally as the ice is melting and there isn’t a need, but if you want to play it safe, start running your system for 3 hours and then double it each day.

***HIBLOW USA recommends pond aeration 24/7, 365 days a year, particularly if fish health and water clarity are a priority.  If your pond freezes over for an extended period, oxygen levels will diminish which can cause fish kill and prevent muck from decomposing.  For more information about what’s happening under the ice and the benefits of winter aeration, check out the following article:

Taking initiative at the beginning of the spring is imperative to the health of the pond in the summer.  The two primary ways that a pond receives oxygen are from plants and the atmosphere.  Water circulation from a HIBLOW aerator evens out oxygen levels and temperature and pushes water to the surface where it absorbs oxygen.  In addition to breaking down organic matter or muck, a healthy aerobic environment early in the spring helps combat the increasing levels of ammonia as life in the pond starts a new.  Excess nitrates – the bi-product of ammonia – is food for plants, but also algae.  Subsurface aeration is a great tool to prevent and combat algae blooms.

Author: Mike Miner

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March 31, 2023

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