August 23, 2023

HIBLOW Warranty Claim and Troubleshooting

Submit a warranty claim or information that can help us troubleshoot an older pump.

The new HIBLOW warranty claim form was created to streamline the warranty process. The requested information allows our staff to efficiently evaluate your air pump to determine if it is within the warranty period, to diagnose the issue, and advise next steps for resolution.

Is your air pump older and out of the warranty period? Please submit information anyway! We want to help you troubleshoot your HIBLOW air pump and help you fix it. If you have experienced a premature failure, we may be able to help identify the root cause and help prevent future problems. For example, high system pressure and lack of air circulation are two common examples of outside factors that can lead to issues – both of which can be fixed.

At HIBLOW, we will go the extra mile to support our customers. The more detailed the information, the better we can assist you. We look forward to helping you get back up and running. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions as you fill out the form.

Phone number: 734-944-5032

August 23, 2023

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