August 29, 2022

SepticSmart Week is September 19-23, 2022!

Keep your septic system running efficiently all year by celebrating SepticSmart Week with us!

Did you know that ~25% of all people in the US use onsite (septic) treatments systems? The percentage is growing rapidly as many municipal wastewater (city) treatment plants are at capacity. In 2022 it is estimated that 28-32% of all new homes built will use an onsite septic system. An onsite septic system separates and treats wastewater in a tank before pushing it into a drain field on the homeowner’s property. Keeping your system healthy is essential to the longevity of your drain field, your bank account, and the environment.

The EPA has designated this week in September SepticSmart Week! SepticSmart week is dedicated to educating homeowners on maintaining their septic systems. Knowing how to dispose of chemicals, household hazardous waste properly, and wastewater can all prolong your septic tank’s lifespan.

A few tips to maintain a healthy septic system:

Think before flushing or washing things down the drain: It’s important to know what can and can’t be flushed. Pretty much the only item that should go down the toilet besides waste is toilet paper (no tampons, facial tissues, wipes, etc..). It is best to avoid using a garbage disposal as many foods can throw off the bacterial make-up of the septic tank. Grease and oil can also be detrimental. Any type of household chemical is a no-no, including drain cleaners.

Protect Your Field: Keep the ground over your septic tank clear. Avoid parking vehicles or planting trees above your tank.

Regular Checkups: Getting your system regularly inspected is very important and often required by law. HIBLOW pumps are used in one type of onsite system called an ATU (aerobic treatment unit). Maintaining your HIBLOW septic air pump is essential to the health of your system as it is the heart of it. Make sure to check the filter (clean or replace) every 6 months. When the diaphragms inevitably rupture, rebuild, or replace the pump immediately to keep the aerobic bacteria alive and doing their job.

Use Water Efficiently: monitoring your water use can help reduce wear on your septic tank. Washing large loads of laundry, high-efficiency showerheads, and high-efficiency toilets helps reduce water waste.

Be SepticSmart with HIBLOW and Our Tips for Your Septic Aerator

Aerobic treatment systems, if properly maintained, are effective at cleaning water and critical to homes in areas where conventional systems can’t be used. HIBLOW is proud to offer a premium linear air pump used in ATU’s around the world, setting the standard for quality and longevity.

HIBLOW USA is available 24/7 because we know how important your septic tank and septic aerator is.

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August 29, 2022

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