December 08, 2020

The HP Series is here for the long haul!

Despite some rumors in the ATU market, the “tough” and “long-lasting” HP Series is not going anywhere

Can you imagine if Ford discontinued the F-150?  The model first rolled off the production line in 1941.  79 years later, the F Series is the #1 selling line in America.  Why are so many people loyal despite its expensive price tag?  Simple – the truck is reliable, tough, strong, and long-lasting.  It is common to see a 20+ year old F-150 with over 300K miles.

Although the HP Series has not been around quite as long, it has been in production for almost 3 decades and is the longest running series in the world.  Just like the F-Series, the HP Series is still the number #1 selling model in the US.  Using premium materials and crafted with expert workmanship, the pumps are the highest quality you can find.  It is common that an HP Series pump can last 10-14 years after a couple repairs.  Some have lasted over 20.

Rest assured, HIBLOW has no plans of discontinuing the HP Series.  Expect the same quality and longevity for many years to come!

December 08, 2020

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