November 17, 2020

Air Pumps for Consumer and Medical Air Mattresses

HIBLOW air pumps are used in air mattress systems in hospitals and homes

Consumer Air Mattresses

Over the past 30 years, HIBLOW has sold millions of air pumps that are currently used in adjustable air beds across the country.  The pumps have received rave reviews from consumers because of quiet operation, reliability, and long life.

Alternating Pressure Beds

HIBLOW air pumps are used in alternating pressure mattress systems to alleviate bed sores when patients are stationary for a long period of time.  With noise levels as low as 31 dBa, the pumps operate near the average ambient noise level of a hospital room.

Bariatric Beds

HIBLOW air pumps are used to help mobilize bariatric patients as they get out of bed.


What sets us apart from our competition is our willingness to collaborate and design customized pumps for OEMs.  HIBLOW pumps can be built to custom voltages with multiple inlet/ outlet port options.  We also offer an air pump driver system which consists of a PWM inverter PCB board and heat dissipation frame.  The inverter converts DC power to AC while allowing custom voltage and frequency to control air flow.  Further, HIBLOW engineers and manufactures complete control flow systems used for air beds.

November 17, 2020

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