September 10, 2020

New HIBLOW XP Series Rebuild Video (XP-40, XP-60, XP-80 Models)

A to Z demonstration on how to rebuild your XP Series Pump in 20 minutes or less

There is no need to throw out a HIBLOW XP pump when it stops running.  Typically, when this happens – due to continuous use over a long period of time – the diaphragms have ruptured, and a safety switch mechanism has cut power to the motor.   The only working parts inside the pump are the diaphragms – which are attached to the moving rod – and the umbrella valves located in the casing blocks.  Within 15-20 minutes with only a few tools, you can replace the diaphragms and casing blocks for a fraction of the cost of a new pump.  We recommend repairing the pump 2 times before buying a new one.  Check out the following link for a detailed demonstration:

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September 10, 2020

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