February 07, 2020

** COUNTERFEIT HP-60/80 Repair Kits **

A Chinese company is manufacturing and selling knock-off HP-60/80 repair kits to companies who sell on Amazon and Alibaba

Several Amazon sellers are working with a Chinese company to deceive HIBLOW customers into buying fake HP-60/80 repair kits.  These repair kits use poor quality materials and are not built to the exact specifications of a genuine HIBLOW repair kit.  Several customer reviews indicate that the diaphragms will rupture quickly — sometimes within minutes of installation.  If a kit is significantly cheaper than the market price — please beware.  We are working hard to combat the issue.

Sellers offering counterfeit repair kits: PaoPro, Ohoho, Karbay, HandTec, Bracet, Vicure, USonline911, HuthBrother, AE Market, Wehope, BYStechnology, Deepsound

February 07, 2020

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