August 15, 2019

Save the date for Septic Smart Week

EPA's Septic Smart Week is one month away

When used and maintained properly, an onsite septic system is one of the most sustainable ways to discharge and recycle water used in our homes and businesses. If you lived on city sewer, you’d be paying a monthly bill for the municipality to maintain the system. That same routine maintenance is needed on your onsite system to keep it up and running effectively. Remember, without an approved and operating onsite system, your house is essentially deemed uninhabitable.

HIBLOW pumps provide the oxygen and mixing action to treat your wastewater to a higher standard. Our air pumps are the heart of many systems. Contact us if you specific questions on how to maintain your HIBLOW pump.

Checkout the EPA site for simple tips to keep your system running:

New resources for 2019 will be posted soon!

August 15, 2019

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Residential Wastewater

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