July 16, 2018

Did you know the HP and XP linear Air Pumps are Rebuildable?

HIBLOW air pumps are designed to be rebuilt at least twice before you need to replace the whole unit

We hear rumors that folks are retiring perfectly good HP and XP series air pumps just because the diaphragms have reached the end of their life!

Since the diaphragms are the main working part of our pump, we’ve made it quick and easy to swap in a new set.

Check out the repair video on the Support tab of our website for step-by-step guidance on the process. Even for a newbie, you can have your pump back up and running in 30 minutes.


Our air pumps are designed to be repaired twice before a new pump needs to be purchased. Take a look at the FAQ’s under the Support tab for the specific chamber block repair kit for your pump.

Remember, even though you can just replace the diaphragms, there are also valves in the chamber block—so we recommend the full chamber block repair kit to ensure your pump is back in tip-top shape. You also get a new filter with the full kit, so let your pump breathe clean and fresh air!

July 16, 2018

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