December 13, 2017

HIBLOW Hydrogen Recirculation Blower

The HRB-100 is built with our durable and proven linear design, while tailored specifically for hydrogen

HIBLOW has provided hundreds of thousands of component pumps to fuel cell integrators installing systems as a part of the EneFarm project. We began the development of our Hydrogen Recirculation Blower—in collaboration with Kyushu University—over seven years ago. The newest HRB-100 model is designed for both stationary and mobility applications, and can be utilized as a booster pump for incoming gas on SOFC or PEM fuel cells as well.

The flow level can be regulated and varied through PWM programming in the controller. Our Airtronics team can work with you to integrate this feature into your overall system controls. The HIBLOW HRB-100 is totally oil-free, exceptionally power efficient, and built with our proven and durable linear pump design. Contact us for full specifications and to order units for evaluation with your system.

December 13, 2017

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell